AWS GPU Password Cracking Recipe
Jul 1, 2015 Security is important. From zero to testing password strength on AWS in a few minutes.

Docker 'Hello World' on Ubuntu
Oct 5, 2014 Docker seems very promising but I haven't seen enough any self-contained scripts that show off its capabilities. So I made one.

May 5, 2014 Sometimes you can improve randomness by making it less random.

Visualizing Unicode Codespace
Jan 2, 2013 Unicode defines a vast address space for all the world's languages — but what does it all look like, exactly?

100 Meter World Record Progression
Jun 10, 2012 With the Olympics coming up I wondered what a single race composed of every 100-meter sprint world record performance would look like.

100 Games of Pong
Mar 11, 2012 A silly exercise in optimizing Pong visually demonstrates serious aspects of programming, optimization and concurrency.

Big Strings Come in Small Packages
Sep 9, 2011 Just how much data can we compress into a small file of an everyday format? Turns out it's quite a bit.

Software Versions Are An Interface
Aug 19, 2011 Version numbers have been in the open-source world's news lately. Mostly for the wrong reasons.

The Thing Plot Narrative Chart
May 6, 2011 The plot of John Carpenter's The Thing, an underrated classic, in movie narrative form.

Dante's Inferno Visualized
Mar 20, 2011 Dante's journey through Hell is associated with the canto, depth, level, sin, sinners, punishment and residents.

Crafting An Effective Hotlink Response, Part 2
Jun 20, 2008 I once believed an image response could shame or punish hotlinkers. It can't and won't. Here's what to do instead.

Crafting An Effective Hotlink Response, Part 1
Mar 10, 2008 It's inevitable, people are going to hotlink your website content.

Saving Electricity With Color
Aug 1, 2007 Can a web page's background color save electricity?

How to Keep Something Safe for Ten Thousand Years
Jun 19, 2006 WIPP plans to store nuclear waste for 10,000 years with obvious markers and multi-language warnings. Hiding nuclear waste in plain sight is a bad idea, and here's why.

Select * Is Evil
Jun 11, 2004 You may be in the habit of using SELECT * in your SQL queries. There are several very good reasons to break this habit.

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